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A Note From the Author

When I wrote this story, releasing it to the world was never a thought. Now that it’s finished, publishing it conventionally just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do with it. The decision to self publish was easy to make.

This work is available at a price of your choosing (apart from the preset price on the Kindle store – they do not allow variable pricing). Zero is a perfectly acceptable choice to make. This note is not intended to guilt you into spending your money. Instead it is to emphasis that pay-what-you-want is not the same as free. You do have to make a choice.

If you are concerned about where your money will go, let me put your mind at ease. There are no publishers or investors involved. Your money will contribute to the noblest of causes – beer for me.

In case you are not sure how much to pay, think of it as buying me a drink. The cost of one drink at a bar of your choice is a good place to start.

Regardless of your how much you pay, I would really appreciate it if you could send this novel out to as many people as possible. Send the PDF/ Website/ Whatsapp/ Email to everyone you think might be up for reading something like this. It might make a nice ‘out of the blue’ present for someone.

Lastly, if you are reading this, there is a good chance you have already decided to give this story a shot. Regardless of what you think of it, thank you for giving it a chance. Sincerely hope you enjoy it.